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Clogged Drains? Sewer Cleaning in Prescott

Sewer cleaning can be a major task that is more complicated than a quick drain cleaning. There tend to be major drain complications, like clogs and backups that could easily and... read more

Tips on finding the perfect fixtures for your bathroom

Are you shopping for a new faucet in your bathroom? Elsea Plumbing would like to give you some helpful tips on choosing the perfect fixtures for your bathroom. The Faucet and... read more

What should I look for when hiring a local plumber?

When you're stuck in a emergency situation and you need a local plumber right away, what should you check before making the call? Elsea Plumbing would like to share three... read more

How to choose the ideal kitchen sink

Has your old kitchen sink wore out its welcome? Having trouble deciding what type of kitchen sink to get? Elsea Plumbing in Prescott would like to share some tips that... read more
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